Let's start the world's biggest digital cleanup.

It’s time to reduce our digital footprint. It’s easy and fun! Streaming your favorite series in high definition, usages 86% more energy than enjoying it in standard settings. Turning off your camera during an online meeting saves 96% of carbon emissions. To make a difference we also need the big tech companies to clean up digital waste. So, let’s start the biggest digital cleanup in the world! Join us.

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Did you know

Did you know that our internet and data usage add up to 2% of C02 emissions worldwide? This is due to the electric power we use to keep them running. To set this figure in perspective: this is the same as the entire airline industry! And the number is growing. As shown during the pandemic, our digital legacy will grow to 5 – 7% in the future. We need to be aware that our digital usage costs energy and therefore: CO2 emissions.

Big tech

To make a difference, the Big Tech companies – like Google, Meta (Facebook), Salesforce, HubSpot, Amazon, Zoom, Microsoft and many more – need to join our mission. They are storing all our data and aren’t making it easy to clean this up. They have this data hunger, that adds up to more and more and more CO2 emissions.

Start helping

So, just sit down in your chair and help us to start the biggest digital cleanup in the world. Together we will get the big tech companies on board and we will get our goal: no CO2 emissions due to digital waste. The plan is simple and contains three simple steps – you can follow them below.

Step One: Sign the petition against big tech harvesting data

The Big Tech companies need to change. Help stop them harvesting more and more and more data and let them start helping you to cleanup your data. You can do this by signing the petition behind the button below.

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Step Two: Sign up for our newsletter

We want to keep you posted about the developments of The Digital Cleanup AND we want to share tips about how you can reduce your own digital footprint. We will do this once a month with a short email (without any images) to keep this lean and mean. Signing up is easy, just use the form below.

Step Three: Share our website and our mission with your network

We know, this sounds crazy. Sharing our missions online will use up more data. But getting more people to know about our mission helps saving more carbon emissions! That’s why we chose only one social media channel: LinkedIn. In that way we focus and we broaden the change to let other companies join our mission. So, please share our website with the button below! Many thanks!

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