Our Goals.

Welcome to TheDigitalCleanup.com! We’re a private initiative driven by Jasper de Weerd, a Dutch entrepreneur on a quest for a more sustainable future.

Jasper's Journey

Jasper’s journey on The Digital matter began when he stumbled upon the environmental impact of CO2 in the digital world. While there’s no scientific consensus on measuring this impact, the unmistakable trend is clear—we are consuming more data every day.

Motivated by this realization, Jasper embarked on a quest for knowledge, leading to the creation of TheDigitalCleanup.com.


This platform is an outcome of Jasper’s exploration into the world of digital impact. At TheDigitalCleanup.com, he shares his discoveries, insights, and stories that raise awareness and inspire action. The mission is clear: to navigate the complexities of digital sustainability and contribute to a more eco-friendly future.

Join Our Journey

As we journey through the uncharted territories of digital sustainability, we invite you to be a part of our initiative. Your involvement, insights, and shared stories contribute to the collective effort toward a more sustainable digital landscape. You can read how on www.thedigitalcleanup.com/contact.