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  • donderdag 14 maart 2024

How to adjust (downgrade) your streaming playback settings

In this short blog we provide you with the correct links to adjust (and preferably downgrade) your streaming playback settings. Most streaming suppliers adjust their streaming quality automatically towards the best fit for your scream. So, if your television enables Ultra HD and the streaming supplier offers Ultra HD – and also your internet connection can handle it, you will see Ultra HD. With the links below you can adjust this.

And let us be clear – of course we love an impressive experience with awesome sound and image quality. But did you know that – according to Netflix – you will use between the 3 & 7 (!) gigabytes an hour if you stream in best quality. In low quality this is 0.3 gigabytes an hour. So make a conscious choice. With the links below you can!

Adjust playback settings Netflix

To adjust your playback settings in Netflix, login to your Netflix-account on a computer. If you logged in, use this link to adjust the settings. Be aware: you have to adjust this in every account you use on Netfix. The link -> https://www.netflix.com/settings/playback

Adjust playback settings HBO

Crazy thing -> this is the HBO statement about the video quality (December 2023 lastly updated by The Digital Cleanup) “HBO Max automatically adjusts the video quality based on your network bandwidth and connection speed. Most shows and movies are available in high definition (HD). Manual video quality settings are not currently available.”

Adjust playback settings Amazon

We can write about how you can adjust this, but aplhr.com already did this. You can check the article here -> https://www.alphr.com/adjust-video-quality-amazon-prime-video/

Adjust playback settings Hulu

Also Hulu offers a perfect spot where you are able to adjust the quality. Check their article here -> https://help.hulu.com/s/article/video-quality-settings

Hopefully this was helpful. And remember; if adjusting these settings downwards,you are helping your planet! Many thanks!